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When SAS for Women hired Studio28, they were seeking help with SEO and better performance in Google search results. After a detailed SEO audit, it became clear they needed a major upgrade to the site design and content structure to increase user engagement and better reflect their mission.

After two years with their first website, the two ladies wanted

  1. A redesigned website that better reflects their purpose and message while encouraging opt-ins.
  2. A design and site structure that encourages users to engage more deeply with the content.
  3. Better understanding of how to effectively manage their site and market their content.
  4. Consistent application of SEO best practices to help improve search results over time.

What we did

  • Studio28 performed a detailed SEO content and technical audit and niche keyword research
  • Organized site content around the keywords relevant to their potential clients
  • Redesigned the visual look and feel of the site to encourage user engagement and opt-ins
  • Customized Google Analytics to show the actionable data most relevant to their needs


  • Significant increases in page views, average session duration and time spent on page
  • Consistent first page positioning in Google search for key terms in local NYC results
  • Increased opt-in rate for newsletter signups and consultation inquiries
  • A more visually appealing and easy to navigate website geared to their target demographics
  • The client is more at ease with their increased understanding of how to manage and leverage the value of their site

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