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White-label support for Outside Agencies

DLS Design

DLS Design is a boutique web design agency specializing in websites and branding material for law firms. Studio28 was contracted to revamp the maintenance process for 50+ WordPress sites. We audited each individual site and implemented changes where necessary to bring them up to date and make them more stable and secure. In addition, we helped fortify and streamline their development process for new projects.

The completed project left DLS with a more robust site maintenance infrastructure and development process.

The Spry Group

The Spry Group is a small agency with a highly-talented group of programmers. Studio28 assisted the Spry Group on the development of a project management app utilizing the GitHub API and built in AngularJS. Our role was to scope out the project, detail the processes involved and build a working mockup.

Though the product was never fully released, Spry incorporated lessens learned into their process for new product development.