Studio28 works to harmonize the relationship between processes, people and technology to deliver outstanding experiences for website users, live customers and employees.

Our clients range from small businesses and non-profits to enterprise level organizations. We also provide white label services to other development and marketing agencies. Below are summaries of example projects.

  • Created custom datasets drawn from public sources for uses such as lead generation and CRM for a Brooklyn brokerage firm, or data analysis of the rent-stabilized housing market in NYC for public research.
  • Designed a MySQL product database drawn from multiple supplier datasets. Performed data preparation and cleaning, established PK/FK relationships, imported data into MySQL and wrote key queries. Developed front-end application to view and edit.
  • Engineered an online B2B order processing system handling ~5k orders per year worth $10mil sales. Automated transformation of submissions into required Excel format, routing the orders and triggering notifications. Improved customer experience, simplified internal workflow and reduced manual effort.
  • Conducted detailed analysis of the customer journey for a national family entertainment and dining company with a focus on how underlying processes impact the customer experience. Performed gap-analysis of enterprise-level customer survey data collection and discovered crucial flaws in survey methodology.
  • Develops and maintains WordPress websites for small businesses and nonprofits following best practices in development, hosting, maintenance and functionality.

We also help our clients optimize their business processes to align with their workforce to better deliver business goals. Creating detailed process flow diagrams and workflow models, we uncover efficiencies and reduce complexity – bridging the gap between clunky current practices and an improved future state.